The Big Mental Health Pop Up

One in four of us will struggle with our mental health at some point this year. In fact, all of us have mental health, good or bad, and all of us need to give it the same attention as we do our physical health.

From 13-19 May 2019, local mental health charity Sussex Oakleaf will be taking over an empty shop front in Burgess Hill Town Centre and creating a ’pop up’ public space filled with art, information, activities and inspirational stories of mental health recovery.

We aim to bring new life, colour, vitality and a sense of community to a town centre currently undergoing redevelopment. An art exhibition will provide a platform for those affected by mental health to become involved in their community, gain confidence and challenge their own as well as other people’s perception of their potential.

Help us to get started

Right now we are raising funds to get the event moving. We need £2,508 to make the week a success and we need your help to raise it. You can support us by pledging as much or as little as you would like using the button below. Remember, you will only be charged at the end of the fundraising period and only if we reach our full target so please give what you can!

Get involved

There are loads of ways that you can get involved with the week. We are still finalising details but you will be able to visit the exhibition for free during the week, drop into one of the open groups or sign up to a workshop to learn more about mental health.

Art work will come from anyone who is or has been affected by a mental illness so if you would like to submit something then please do watch this space.

We will be adding more details of the week in the coming weeks including how to submit art work and how to sign up to workshops. To make sure you don't miss out on anything please sign up to our mailing list using the button below.

And finally...

In case you need a reminder of why the work we do is so vital then just take a look at Rose's story below. The video explains how Rose went from not being able to leave the house due to mental illness to working with us to support others.

Four coloured paint tins