Community Recovery Support

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Community Recovery Support

Community Recovery SupportĀ provides packages of emotional and physical support to people who have severe and enduring mental health needs.

Mental health recovery where it matters most

We can provide daily one to one recovery focussed support in your home and in the community to help you make the most of life.

  • One to one support in your home and in the community
  • Support to manage your life, your mental health and your wellbeing
  • Help to get out of the house, meet people and get the most from life
  • Stay on top of daily tasks like budgeting, shopping and keeping your home clean and tidy

Start your recovery journey today

Our recovery plans are flexible and priced to be affordable. The support we offer is focussed on your individual needs and is responsive to your unique circumstances.

Our Recovery Workers are experienced and well trained. We believe that coming to work should be a rewarding experience and so our staff are paid in line with the Living Wage Foundation. We pay our staff from the start to end of their shifts and not just for the time they spend with clients.

Get in touch:

Telephone: 01444 459517