About us

About us

Sussex Oakleaf provides a range of support services to people with mental health needs, those with a personality disorder and individuals at risk of homelessness.

We empower people and promote independence by providing recovery focussed community wellbeing services, residential care, peer mentoring, housing support and volunteering opportunities.

Our vision…

…is for a world where people with mental illness and mental health issues are inspired and supported to fulfil their potential and to live their lives as independently as possible.

Our mission…

…is to be a dynamic, co-productive organisation which delivers these outcomes:

  • Promotes mental, physical and social wellbeing for people with mental health issues through recovery-based support in housing and in communities
  • Encourages the development of confidence and skills in the people we work with, through access to opportunities including independent living, employment, volunteering and learning – improving outcomes for people
  • Innovates and is the partner and provider of choice for clients, commissioners and others in excellent community based support and services

Our values…

…underpin the way we work, inform our decisions as an organisation and enable us to be the best that we can be. Our values are based on five key principles:

Our approach to our work puts people and their ideas, aspirations and objectives for their lives at the heart of everything that we do, treating everybody with dignity and respect.

Inspiring Positive Change
We develop and deliver pathways and services to enable people to recover their health, wellbeing and independence – and communicate and share them widely.

Promoting the Value of Lived Experience and Community Benefit
We actively encourage and involve the communities and people with whom we work to create positive change, through peer leadership and peer support.

Diversity and Difference
We value everyone’s contribution and embrace individuality.

Knowledge and Learning
We promote innovation, research, good practice and continuous improvement by supporting our people and our clients to use all their skills and to develop new ones to enable personal and organisational growth.


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