Online support

Online support for your mental health
Online support

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and the restrictions being put in place by the Government, our services are unable to run in the same way that they usually would. 

As a result we are looking into new ways to provide support to those who are struggling with their mental health during this time. These include using online platforms to speak directly with people and providing tools to give people the ability to support themselves and to look after their loved ones.

Take a look at some of the options below to see if they can help you.

Facebook group

Join our community group on Facebook where you can interact with other people. Use the group to support other people to.

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Resource library

Explore our library of resources aimed at supporting your mental health or the mental health of those that you care about.

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Online chat

Speak to one of our Recovery Workers if you are worried about your mental health or need some advice on where to turn.

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