The Big Swoove

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The Big Swoove

A group of Sussex-based fitness instructors are joining forces to raise a whopping £40,000 for local charities, including Sussex Oakleaf, this autumn and are challenging YOU to help them meet the ambitious target.

Swoove (Sing, Whoop, Move) instructors and enthusiasts from around the area will embark on a 40-hour Swoovathon at Scaynes Hill Millennium Centre, starting at 7pm on Friday 27th September and finishing at 2pm on Sunday 29th September 2019 and registration for the event is NOW OPEN.

Swoove Fitness founder and creative director Esther Featherstone, who turned 40 in April, wants to celebrate by hosting the 40-hour event, with the help of as many people as possible.

She says:

"Swoove Aid has already raised £64,000 for local charities up and down the country. Another amazing £40,000 would boost the awareness, profile and funds of a further 40 local, small charities, many of which don’t have huge fund-raising manpower and can slip under
the radar.

Those taking part are encouraged to challenge themselves and Swoove for at least 3 hours across the marathon…  or any length of time – even 40 hours if they feel they can do it.”

The entry charge to the event is £25, with participants allowed to Swoove for as long as they like.

To enter and download a sponsorship form, please go to and register your interest.

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